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I frequently guest post over on other book blogs and sites, and take part in a number of interviews and events. Occasionally, I draw my characters. All the details are below (newest first).

Interview: S.E. Anderson interviewed me about A Dangerous Game (Readcommendations, November 2017)

New Writing Content: Extracts from Three Sarr’s journal (Untamed series) on Taylor Fenner’s blog! (October 2017)

Art: My drawings of several characters from the Untamed Series (YA Scavenger Hunt: Suzanne Lazear’s blog, April 2017).

Interview: Margaret Williams interviewed me about Untamed and Fragmented! (Link TBC, January 2017)

Interview: Author R.R. Verdi delved into my writing career and day-to-day life. (R.R. Virdi’s blog, January 2017)

Interview: Bob James asked me a load of questions about my writing processes. (Bob James’s blog, January 2017)

Interview: Kasey at The Story Sanctuary asked me a load of questions about Untamed and Fragmented, as well as my short story in the forthcoming charity anthology in April 2017. (The Story Sanctuary, December 2016).

Guest Post: “How To Turn Your NaNoWriMo Draft into a Complete Manuscript” (Gabrielle Prendergast’s blog, November 2016)

Interview: Author Ingrid Sandberg interviewed me! (Ingrid Sundberg’s blog, November 2016)

Guest Post: “Writing Genre Blends” (YA Interrobang, November 2016)

Interview: Author DR Perry asked me a load of questions about writing and my books. (DR Perry’s blog, October 2016).

Art: My drawing of Three Sarr from the Untamed Series can be found here. (Drawn in October 2016).

Guest Post: Author Chanda Stafford hosted by Inspiration boards for Fragmented as part of the YA Scavenger Hunt (Chanda Stafford’s blog, October 2016).

– Online Event: Facebook Launch Party for Fragmented (Untamed #2) by Madeline Dyer (Facebook, September 2016)

Interview: Duvet Dwellers: Meet the Author (Duvet Dwellers, September 2016)

Interview: NYT bestselling author Pintip Dunn asked me a load of awesome questions about Untamed, Fragmented, and what’s to come in my writing world. (Waterworld Mermaids, September 2016)

Guest Post: “Writing Sequels: Developing Your Dystopian World.” (Author Lyn Miller-Lachmann’s website, August 2016)

Guest Post: “Ten Things You Might Not Know About Untamed.” (J.D. Cunegan’s website, August 2016)

Interview: Want to know how I go about writing a book and where I get my inspiration from? I spill all in this (very extensive) interview with Catherine Banks, as part of the Summer Splash book Blog Tour. (Catherine Bank’s blog, August 2016).

Guest Post: I talk about the Zharat tribe–a group of Untamed people–who play a really important role in my second novel, Fragmented, as part of Annabelle Jay’s “Who Are You Wearing?” blog series. Includes short excerpts from Fragmented. (Annabelle Jay’s blog, July 2015).

Article: “Madeline Dyer’s 100 Pieces of Advice for Writers (or How to Write a Book)” (Madeline Dyer’s blog, June 2016).

Guest Post: “Ten Things I’ve Learned Since Having a Book Published” (Indie SciFi Fantasy, June 2016)

Interview: Author Drew Avera interviews me about the Science Fiction genre (Drew Avera’s blog, May 2016).

Online Event: One Year Anniversary Bash for Untamed by Madeline Dyer & YA Books Chat (Facebook, May 2016)

Feature: Tanya Contois at Bookish Fangirl hosts a feature about Untamed ready for its one year anniversary (Bookish Fangirl, May 2016)

Feature: Author K. S. Trenten features Untamed on her blog, and offers readers an excerpt (K. S. Trenten’s blog, Link TBC, May 2016)

Guest Post: “Why My Chronic Illnesses Won’t Stop Me From Being a Writer” (Conscious Crafties, May 2016).

Guest Post: “Inspiration Boards for Untamed” (Author L. H. Nicole’s blog, as part of YA Scavenger Hunt, April 2016).

Guest Post: “On Place: Madeline Dyer” (Author Kelly Ann Jacobson’s blog, March 2016)

Interview: Myself on the Shelf (Exepose, February 2016)

Interview: I talk about inspiration, building a plot, and juggling multiple story ideas with author Mindy McGinnis (Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire, August 2015)

Interview: I was interviewed as part of The Literature Hub’s interview series (The Literature Hub, August 2015)

Guest Post: “PoTS Won’t Stop Me Being a Writer!” (PoTS UK, August 2015)

Guest Post: “Researching the Book: Landscapes That Inspired UNTAMED” (Author Lisa Amowitz’s blog, July 2015)

Guest Post: “How Dystopian Fiction Draws From Current Events” (Author Lyn Miller-Lachmann’s blog, July 2015).

Guest Post: “Book to Movie Adaptations: When Reading is Such an Intimate, Personal Experience, Can We Ever Really Fall in Love With the Screen?” (PerksofBeingaBookNerd, July 2015)

Interview: as part of the #QuietYA event, author Missy Wilkinson interviews me here. (July 2015).

Interview: I talk with Ellie Mack about writing processes and advice for aspiring writers. (July 2015)

Guest Post: “Writing Processes: How I wrote UNTAMED” (HiddenInTheBookCupboard, July 2015)

Interview: YA author Tiffany Maclagan asks me a load of awesome questions about writing, hobbies, and writing spaces. (July 2015)

Interview: I was interviewed over at the YA Buccaneers site, all about my debut novel. (June 2015).

Guest Post: “Crafting a Believable Dystopian World” (BooksandPallettes, May 2015)

Feature: Samantha Holloway hosted a feature post about my debut novel, and I also talk about how long it took me to write UNTAMED. (May 2015)

Feature: I’m now listed on the Fearless Fifteeners website as a 2015, debut novelist. (May 2015).

Guest Post: “Why I love Dystopian Fiction and Think Everyone Should Read it” (YA Interrobang, May 2015)

Interview: I took part in Samantha Holloway’s 5+1 Questions feature on her website. (May 2015).

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