The Curse of the Winged Wight [Novella] by Madeline Dyer

“The Curse of the Winged Wight” (19,000 words)

In this gothic fairy tale novella, inspired by Charles Perrault’s “The Sleeping Beauty” (1697), sixteen-year-old Rosanna Mapleven must rescue the evil fairy that possesses her, or she will succumb to a deadly curse.

“The Curse of the Winged Wight” appears in Ever in the After: 13 Fantasy Tales (April 2017) and can be found as a single title release from July 2017 onwards.

As the Dark Witch’s most valued and gifted dressmaker, sixteen-year-old Rosanna Mapleven knows all there is to know about the finest silks, the best stitches, and the most flattering patterns.

What she doesn’t know is how to evict the evil fairy that possesses her or how to stop the ghostly apparitions of long-ago murdered girls from haunting her.

But Rosanna must find a way to succeed in both areas; else she will die, and the Curse of the Winged Wight will never be broken.


Perfect for fans of Marissa Meyer, Robin McKinley, and Alethea Kontis.

Publisher: Ineja Press

Release date: July 7, 2017

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