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 The Untamed Series

A fantastic dystopian tale. Highly recommended for fans of strong heroines and intriguing sci-fi worlds.
Pintip Dunn, New York Times bestselling author of the Forget Tomorrow series, on Untamed


Reading order: Untamed, Fragmented, Divided, Untitled book four

Standalone Novels set in the Untamed World

A Dangerous Game (November 28, 2017)

Other Novels

Lion’s Scar (August 2017)



“The Curse of the Winged Wight” (19,000 words)

In this gothic fairy tale novella, inspired by Charles Perrault’s “The Sleeping Beauty” (1697), sixteen-year-old Rosanna Mapleven must rescue the evil fairy that possesses her, or she will succumb to a deadly curse.

“The Curse of the Winged Wight” appears in Ever in the After: 13 Fantasy Tales (April 2017) and can be found as a single title release from July 2017 onwards.

Short Stories

Short Stories published in Print Anthologies/eBook Anthologies/Webzines/Online Literary Journals

The Silent Siren” – Iron Bound issue 3 (June 2011) More info.
• “The Photograph” – Yesteryear Fiction (July 2011). Reprinted in Out of Darkness anthology, 2nd ed. (July 2013)
“The Eight Thousand And Third Day” Yesteryear Fiction (July 2011)
 “We Miss You” – Yesteryear Fiction (August 2011)
“The Power Of Blood”Mirror Dance Fantasy: Autumn 2011 Issue (September 2011)
“A Dead Vampire”Mad Swirl (October 2011)
• “It Doesn’t Matter Now” Daily Love (March 2012)
 “The Creature”Yesteryear Fiction (April 2012)
 “The Day Of Change” Yesteryear Fiction (July 2012)
 “Stars”Linguistic Erosion (February 2013)
 “The Life Of A Time-Walker”Linguistic Erosion (February 2013)
 “We’ve Got A Live One”Father Stars Than These Magazine (September 2013)
 “Soldier X24K”Yesteryear Fiction (September 2013)
“Stolen Memories” in A Test of Time anthology (November 2013)
“Caught Out” Aphelion Webzine (August 2014)
“Faith”Yesteryear Fiction (August 2014)
• “A Patchwork Dragon”NonBinary Review: Issue 2 (November 2014)