September 2013 Writing Update

So, a lot of stuff has been going on in my writing world!

  • Soldier X24K (science fiction/fantasy short story) was published by Yesteryear Fiction on September 18th 2013.
  • We’ve Got A Live One (science fiction short story) appeared on the front page of Farther Stars Than These Magazine on September 19th 2013.
  • Stolen Memories (science fiction short story) will be published in the Past, Present and Future collection in December 2013, raising money for charity.
  • Spirit Of Fire (YA fantasy novel) which is in the process of being queried and submitted, received its first request from an agent for a partial manuscript, so fingers crossed.
  • At the beginning of September, I finished the final draft (and editing) of Untamed, the first novel in the Untamed series, and sent it off to some agents.
  • On September 12th, I participated in Pitch Madness (a twitter event), pitching Untamed — details can be found here. And a published requested the full manuscript!
  • The final Untamed novel has been renamed! It was originally called ‘Enhanced’, but now it will be ‘Destroyed‘. So, if you see any other posts on this site referring to a book of mine called Enhanced, then this is really Destroyed.
  • I am now returning to writing Blood Of The Phoenix and Destroyed, and have started an outline for an entirely new YA fantasy thriller.

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