An Update on DIVIDED (Untamed, #3)

I am so excited! My third novel, Divided (book #3 in the Untamed series), releases in just under three months, and the first blurb is already in! Check this out:

Dyer packs a punch with DIVIDED! As we’ve come to expect from her, the pages are packed with vivid imagery, high tension, and an earnest and willful heroine. Another great read in an intriguing saga. – Tracy Clark, author of THE LIGHT KEY TRILOGY & MIRAGE

Divided is possibly the book I’m most proud of. It was difficult to write, as it covers some hard themes and tricky situations. Plus, it also had to start right off from that ending of book two, solve a lot of problems, and set up the perfect lead-in for the final book of the series–all while having its own plot, of course!

Here’s the back cover copy: (warning: contains spoilers for the end of Fragmented)

Having been tricked into binding herself to the Enhanced Ones in the War of Humanity, Untamed human Seven Sarr has never felt more exploited or used. When Raleigh forces her to develop her Seer powers and use them on a most innocent target, Seven knows it’s only a matter of time before the Enhanced Ones use her to wipe out the rest of her people.
Certain that the only way to save the Untamed would be to get back full control of her soul, Seven must get the Gods and Goddesses to trust her again. Only they can destroy her Enhanced Promise Marks, and prevent her enemy from controlling her.
But these are the same Gods and Goddesses who have already branded Seven a traitor, and exiled her from the Dream Land, fearing she will cause their deaths. With no way to contact the Gods and Goddesses herself, Seven needs help. And she needs it quickly, before the war is over and she loses Corin, and the rest of the Untamed, for good.
Yet, in a world as dangerous as this, only one thing’s for sure: no one trusts a traitor twice.

So, what else can I tell you about this book? 

Well, without giving too much away, I will say this: Divided is the book where Seven grows the most as a character. She faces her hardest situations yet, and there’s a lot she has to deal with… There are also a lot of surprises and the return of a familiar face from book one! Plus, an important character may or may not die…

And the cover will be revealed any day now! It’s seriously beautiful… Like the covers for the second editions of Untamed and Fragmented, Divided‘s cover has been designed by Molly Phipps. And I think this cover might be my favourite cover ever.

Divided releases July 11, 2017–so mark the date!

A few of the pre-order links are live now, so head on over and pre-order now if you want the e-copy to be delivered straight to your e-reader on July 11th!

Other links coming soon!

And, of course, you can catch up on the series by checking out Untamed and Fragmented.

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