Ineja Press

Ineja Press, a publishing imprint for author Madeline Dyer’s fiction


Leap into a book! The logo features my rabbit, Sidney, leaping into a book. I had great fun drawing this!

How and why did Ineja Press begin?

In January 2017, I set up my own publishing imprint, Ineja Press, following the closure of Prizm Books (the traditional publisher of my Untamed Series). Ineja Press will now be releasing a second new-look edition of Untamed and Fragmented (both my titles formerly with Prizm), as well as the rest of the Untamed series–continuing with Divided in July 2017.

These new-look editions of Untamed and Fragmented will replace the old Prizm editions, which will soon be going out of print. The content of the books, word-wise, is the same.

Why the name ‘Ineja’?

I wanted a name that related personally to me. After weeks of trying out different variations and forms on my name, I settled on ‘Ineja’ (which was suggested by my dad), as it’s the last three letters of my first name, plus the initials of my middle names.

Which book formats does Ineja Press produce? 

My full-length titles (50,000 words+) released by Ineja Press will be available in both paperback and ebook editions, available at all the usual retailers. Titles less than 50,000 words (such as novellas) will only be available in ebook editions.

Will the books still be professionally produced?

Of course! I may be using my own publishing imprint for some of my titles now, but all my books will still be professionally produced. My books will all be edited professionally for content, line, and copy edits, and proofread, just as they were when they were traditionally published. I’m also commissioning cover artists, interior designers, and formatters to make my books look as professional as they can.

Who distributes Ineja Press titles?

As of January 2017, eBooks will be distributed by Amazon Kindle, Draft2Digital, iBooks, Nook, Smashwords, and Kobo. Paperbacks will be printed by Createspace, using their expanded distribution network so that book stores and other websites can also list and stock my titles.

Can my local library/book store still order in your titles?

Yes! Ineja Press is set up as a professional (self-publishing) imprint. I’ve bought ISBN numbers for all the titles published under the Ineja Press name, and so libraries and book stores will be able to find the books and order them in.

Bookstores can also contact me at Madeline [at] to discuss other methods of obtaining my titles to sell in their stores.

Do you accept submissions? 

No. Ineja Press is registered as a self-publisher at the Nielsen UK ISBN store, and I’ll only be publishing my own titles under this name.

 How can I contact Ineja Press?

If you’ve got any questions/queries/requests about my publishing imprint/the books published under Ineja Press, you can contact me at Madeline [at]

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