Well, UNTAMED is out in the world (again)

So, good news! The new edition of UNTAMED with the fancy new formatting and beautiful new cover is out in the world! The release date isn’t until Tuesday, but all the Amazon marketplaces are already selling the ebook. You can grab it here. (At the time of writing this post, the reviews from the old edition haven’t yet transferred across, but fingers crossed that they will do soon!)

Don’t want the kindle version? That’s fine. The ebook’s already up for preorder at Kobo books (and it’s cheaper there than Amazon…) Plus, look! The ebook’s already ranking within the top 500 YA dystopian books over there!

Other stores will have the ebook up for pre-order too soon, and this handy list will update and keep adding the other retailers (such as Barnes & Noble and iBooks) as they become available.

So, what’s new about this edition?

Well, not only has it got a fancy new cover, but it’s also got beautiful interior design and formatting (all done by Molly Phipps). Check out the previews below for a couple of double-page spreads:

I am so very excited, and I hope that you’ll buy yourself this edition! It’s launching at introductory place of £1.99/$1.99 or less (depending on the retailer).

The paperback with the new formatting and cover will shortly be available. Stay tuned!



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