Announcing My New Book!

Exciting news! Today, I get to announce my new book!

So, my new novel is called A Dangerous Game, and it will be releasing on the 28th November, 2017!

A Dangerous Game is a standalone dystopian novel, set in the same world as my Untamed series, though it has a different plot and different main characters to my Untamed books…and you don’t need to have read my Untamed books to read A Dangerous Game. This new book completely works as a standalone, or a companion to the series, or as an introduction to the series–basically, however you want to read it is fine! And it is a full-length (100k word) novel.

But, fans of Untamed will be especially pleased, as Seven and Corin do make very brief appearances in the background of A Dangerous Game, though the emphasis of the standalone is very much on the new main characters and the shenanigans they get up to.

So, who are the main characters in A Dangerous Game?

Well, I’ll soon be releasing more details about A Dangerous Game, but for now I’ll tell you that the narrator of A Dangerous Game is Keelie (a character who doesn’t appear on-page in any of my Untamed books, but is mentioned several times). Writing Keelie was so much fun as she’s very different to Seven, the narrator of my Untamed series.

Chronologically, A Dangerous Game takes place before Untamed begins, and the standalone is also aimed at a slightly older YA audience than my Untamed series is intended for. Whereas Untamed is dystopian/fantasy, A Dangerous Game is much more dystopian/romance, though the fantasy elements are still there–they’re just not a main focus in this book, but rather part of the background of the world.

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