I guess I can call myself a “#1 Bestselling Amazon Author” now…!

Just a quick post because I’m currently right in the middle of edits and I shouldn’t even be on the Internet… but I am, and I took a quick break after lunch to check stuff AND I SAW THAT UNTAMED IS A #1 AMAZON BESTSELLER IN TWO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!

So, yes. Untamed has reached the #1 spot on Amazon US for bestsellers in its category (with my second book also at #4), as well as becoming the #1 Hot New Release for YA fiction set in Africa (with Fragmented at #3)!!

And then I found out that UNTAMED has also reached #1 in two Australian bestseller categories! I’m unbelievably excited!

The rankings for Untamed

#1 in two categories in Australia

#1 in a category in America

#1 in the Hot New Releases for YA fiction set in Africa (Amazon US list)

The rankings for Fragmented

#3 in the Hot New Releases for YA fiction set in Africa (Amazon US list)

#4 in a category in America

I am so excited, and now I’m ridiculously hyped up, and I still need to finish my editing… which I was supposed to finish by last night. But I’ve only got three small things left to address, and then I can send it off. So hopefully in a few hours’ time I’ll be able to celebrate properly!

Oh and if you want to grab a copy of Untamed, you can find it on Amazon and other retailers. Equally, Fragmented is available at Amazon and other retailers too. And book three, Divided, releases in July! Thank you!

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